Paradise 2 Pavement | Travel blog about a guy and his dog in a van
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A Website About A Guy And His Dog Traveling

Around America In A Van

How It All Started

I took a job overseas in hopes to bank quickly and set myself up for the white picket fence lifestyle.  Little did I know I’d spend the better part of a decade in paradise; changing my mindset forever.  As my curiosity of culture grew, so did the idea of a trip of a lifetime.

What’s The Plan?

So every good idea needs a plan.  Even though the attraction of just winging it was clawing at my brain, I knew I’d be in for a rude awakening if I didn’t set up some kind of plan.  So I bought a map and a van then went to work.

Tell Me Where To Go

One thing I’ve learned from living abroad, is that if you want the best experience out of a location you need to listen to the locals.  I haven’t ventured out of Florida much; so please give me suggestions on events, locations, or any other local knowledge that will help me enjoy your town to the fullest.

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